What does 5G look like?

Pics of the hardware being installed around the city; the small cells are usually midway up the utility poles wired directly into the existing power with no meters to track energy usage….seems taxpayers are on the hook for this massive rollout. With 5G, many more transmitters (every 3-5 houses) are needed compared to 4G.  Also this tech does not replace 4G wireless, it is in addition to and on top of , so much more wireless exposure for everyone. There is even a local hospital that has a big cluster of Wifi right on top!

CERN studies cosmic rays, volcanic eruptions, 5G etc….

CERN is studying cosmic rays and their effects on cloud formation– this relates directly to the possibility of global cooling related to a recurring Grand Solar Minimum as pointed out by Zharkova and others. This also ties in with the possibility of the sun being the main driver of climate explored by acclaimed astrophysicist Shaviv. Further study is warranted but it’s nice to see a break from the groupthink of the runaway global warming hysteria narrative….

Philippine volcano Taal erupts, first in 43 years

5G – High-tech future or serious health risk?

“On Oct. 1, 2018, the first live 5G broadcast was transmitted in just a few cities—Sacramento, Houston, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis—as part of Verizon’s “First on 5G” program. However, once the entire 5G build out is realized, experts predict that wireless radiation levels will increase to 10- to 100-times greater than it is today. Rather than replacing 3G and 4G, the network is just another layer of microwaves constantly oscillating in our already crowded airspace.”

Switzerland 90% covered with 5G despite resistance

Unintended consequences of wind energy- tonnes of non-recyclable turbines

Finland’s young PM denies a plan for a 4 day work week– but it’s a damn good idea for the world anyways


Merging with AI- Musk’s vision- a creepy technocratic future unfolding Black Mirror-esque….

Elon Musk has a little known startup Neuralink, (now 3 years old) that plans to use robots to insert 100 threads into the brain to interface with artificial intelligence. You can easily watch videos of the man himself now talking about these developments. It’s all running under the guise of helping disabled people, but has much broader implications. Musk wants human trials by the end of 2020.  The Matrix is becoming real! and really if this doesn’t signal to any sane person that we may have gone too far in our faith in technology, I don’t know what will…..

♥ The fundamental issues of climate instability, peak oil, clean water, dirty finance, education, environmental protection, food security, housing, and freedom of speech remain unresolved for much of the world’s people and should be top priority rather than technocratic schemes of ever-increasing complexity. ♥

Further examples are in the stories below….

Meanwhile CES2020 shows off the latest in smart gadgets you don’t need- Insanity!

5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE According To The Former President Of Microsoft Canada

‘Completely unsustainable’: How streaming and data pressure the environment

Governments are rushing forward and enabling the 5G rollout with cash investments (like in Canada) and virtually zero regulations

Governments are also enabling the reckless expansion of air travel worldwide despite air travel being the least energy efficient means of transport- Future oil shocks will shake this unsustainable reality to it’s core

Tall Bikes, 5G Lawsuit, ‘Smart’ Devices Hacked, & more….

Tall Bikes Will Save The World – foolishness and functionality, creativity and awesomeness, Zenga Brothers make unique bikes, amazing video!

Zombies on the loose! Smartphones are more addictive than hard drugs, and we’re losing our connection to nature as a result. 5G threatens many undesirable unintended consequences for humanity. More on that below….

Lasers can be used to hack smart devices to break into homes, etc

A new lawsuit in the US takes on the FCC and exposes deep corruption with the telecom/wireless industry

Morales convinced of coup to exploit Bolivia’s lithium reserves

Ever heard of LifeLog? Predecessor to Facebook was started by Pentagon/DARPA to log all aspects of a person’s existence- so knowing this little obscure bit of the origins – why are we/you still using Facebook? more info here-15 Years Ago, the Military Tried to Record Whole Human Lives. It Ended Badly

Military sees mail-in DNA tests as a security threat

Weather/Food Production Concerns, Tiny Home villages countering homelessness….and more

Tiny Home Villages in Seattle tackle homelessness crisis

Big Pharma (Glaxo-Smith-Kline) purchases shares in 23andMe, gaining access to sensitive DNA data of millions

NATO’s underfunded and misguided war in Afghanistan Everyone tried to fight the war on a shoestring. Soldiers and Afghans paid the price. Good article by CBC (a rarity these days) on the foolish ways in which war is handled. “It has been estimated the federal government spent up to $20 billion on military operations, development assistance and aid. But there has never been a full and complete accounting of the war by the federal government or parliamentary watchdogs.”

Snow and wet conditions plague sugar production in the US leading to massive imports– “economists at the Agriculture Department estimate that it will take 3.86 million tons of imported sugar to satisfy the domestic demand for sugar during the current fiscal year”

Jet stream disruption threatens global food production– from the journal Nature Climate Change ‘Amplified Rossby waves enhance risk of concurrent heatwaves in major breadbasket regions’

Do NASA’s photos point to geoengineering?


UK banned fracking, BC salmon in peril, nuclear power revisited…..

This article from November about the UK banning fracking is quite important as it notes the concerns over causing earthquakes and the associated costs of policing opposition as it is very unpopular.     Other countries/places that have banned the controversial and extremely polluting industry include Germany, Uruguay, Scotland, a state in Australia (Victoria), and several US states. Most US shale drillers are still not profitable, analysis shows, which really highlights that fouling massive quantities of water to lose money is insanity.

Ottawa seeking help, prepared to spend millions, in rehabilitating salmon runs in BC over fears of extinction from a landslide near Lillooet, BC. Deadline for submissions is Dec. 6th, 2019. This follows emergency action taken earlier in the year when helicopters airlifted trapped salmon around the obstruction in an attempt to limit mortality but much further work is needed before waters rise in March 2020

Russia’s floating nuclear power stations recast in a friendly light– admittedly when I first noted these a couple of years back it seemed insane but this article made me reconsider- nevertheless nuclear waste is always the seemingly unsolvable conundrum….

5G Satellites, Amazon’s predatory economics, Black Friday is a scam….

Home Delivery- Amazon escapes blame for deadly crashes via contractors, while pushing for insane delivery quotas

Even more 5G satellites planned to be put into orbit….madness! The culprit- Elon Musk

Black Friday is a scam- deals are virtually non-existent

Light pollution negatively impacts insects

Glyphosate being sprayed on forests making forest fires worse

Meanwhile the super-rich plan an underground getaway bunker at a place called Trident Lakes

The 5G Resource Post- A Gathering of the Most Relevant Stories & Info

5G has 200 times more access points for hackers than existing networks, experts warn

5G Apocalyse : The Extinction Event- Sacha Stone’s documentary

International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

5G Crisis a project of Americans for Responsible Technology,

5G Danger: 13 Reasons New Millimeter Wave Tech Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity

China Working on 6G Despite Opposition and Lawsuits Against 5G Increasing Worldwide

A ‘super cell tower’ in the stratosphere: AeroVironment and SoftBank’s 5G vision– crazy!

Action alert: 5G cellular technology will blanket planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies

Switzerland monitoring health risks of 5G– April 2019 Reuters article

5G vs 5D– NewAgora

Imagining a 5G Future: Where Fantasy Does Not Meet Reality – by Sayer Ji

Ask questions of elected officials, reduce your wireless dependence, consider wired alternatives, do your own research, and empower yourselves with critical thought. Is this “upgrade” really necessary for our lives?

Information Overwhelm- Filtering & Focusing on What Truly Matters

We live in bizarroworld, where we are told many stories, many of which are false, and many struggle to find time to do proper research or find reputable sources. How does one practice discernment and filter through all of the clutter? If people are overwhelmed by the pace of change and the mountain of info at their fingertips, how is more speed going to help us?

5G promises much more speed, but at a heavy cost. Consider this-China Working on 6G Despite Opposition and Lawsuits Against 5G Increasing Worldwide– 6G is only theoretical at this stage and yet Trump displayed ignorance when tweeting his support for it.

Back to 5G though- Trillions of investment in infrastructure that has no safety assurances from a health perspective and could be seriously disrupting insects and the web of life upon which we all depend. ‘The Pollinators’ film details how critical bees are to our survival and the critical threats they face. Collapse of the food chain! This is about as serious as it gets folks!

There is no margin of error when it comes to survival. We either survive and adapt or fail and perish. The precautionary principle must be a guiding force when it comes to issues of this magnitude.

On a spiritual level we are called upon to only live life from the purity of love and truth. It is a commitment the requires daily dedication.  Nature is sacred and we are not the only species that matters. Water and air must be protected and purified to continue to support life. These are simple truths….in 2008, an article came out that noted that nature loss dwarfed the financial crises of the time. I have no doubt that the same trends are at play today.

In November of 2018, all MSM outlets noted that the ozone layer was repairing itself. Good news! Interestingly , earlier in that same year, a Feb 2018 article noted that the ozone layer isn’t healing after all. Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch goes much further to detail the mechanisms precipitating this, in his recent video briefing from November 9th, 2019.

Dec 3rd, 1973 Times cover

Fear will come when chaotic changes happen but to be able to prepare and solidify your foundation will mean so much when the big shift happens. There are many forms this shift can take but rest assured it IS coming…..will it be a solar flash causing rapid evolution? Economic collapse? Earth changes? Global cooling? (back in the 70s, this was the fear of the day..) list of 70s articles here

Change is inevitable, but despite all the chaos we will create a better world. Awareness of hard truths hidden from us is needed, as well as a reconnection to nature. Break free of what enslaves you and shine a light on what truly matters.

You could also try a proclamation such as ‘Mad as Hell!’ -classic clip from the movie ‘The Network’

On a more practical level, please consider how you can become more self-sufficient foodwise and listen to an episode of Adapt2030’s podcast.

Resist tyranny&control, and always think critically. We are in this together. Take care, be well, and never stop learning and asking why?

FDA approves GMO cotton seeds as a new protein source?, and more

Rewilding bees in California- One man’s mission

FDA approves GMO cotton seeds as a new protein source- Bayer/Monsanto stands to profit

Disappearing Insects- Harbingers of our own decline?

Sayer Ji’s recent article on 5G – “Before we get lost daydreaming about a fantastical 5G future, perhaps we should take a long hard look at the harsh reality of our flawed pre-5G present. The fifth generation of wireless technology hasn’t come to full fruition yet. The question is: should it?”

Autumn of discontent- Over a million protest in Chile leading to political reshuffle – In addition there protests happening worldwide on more than a dozen countries

Dams- Obsolete technology? said to wreak havoc and not be as green as we think