Unanswered Questions and Historical Perspective

In 1957 an Asian flu went global and the world didn’t shut down or lose it’s collective mind. People were hardier then and perhaps the media was less treasonous and sensationalist…….. This article by Scottish history professor at Harvard, Niall Ferguson gives great perspective.















Here is a list of questions that people seem to have missed in the mass hysteria ….

  • Have asymptomatic carriers of disease been a problem historically?
  • Are rt-PCR tests actually reliable?
  • How many people testing positive are actually sick? (ie symptomatic)
  • Are the jabs that are out actually approved? (think emergency use authorisation- pase 3 trials are still ongoing til 2023)
  • Are the mRNA “v.accines” actually gene therapy?
  • Is natural immunity more durable than vaccine-induced immunity?
  • Will auto-immune diseases or fertility issues be triggered by instructing the body (via RNA) to produce an inflammatory spike protein?
  • Are fatality rates so bad that it’s even necessary to jab the entire population (given an IFR of 0.1-1% globally)?
  • Why is modern medicine so inept as to produce ~250,000 deaths per year from medical error in the US alone?
  • Why isn’t anyone questioning why the CDC, WHO and NIH are refusing to acknowledge the peer reviewed studies that show an almost 100% efficacy in the early treatment of covid as well as an almost 100% efficacy in the use of Ivermectin as a prophylaxis?
  • Why are treatments & interventions such as ivermectin, budesonide, HCQ, peroxide nebulizers, vit D, etc completely ignored despite doctor testimonies?
  • Why have the WHO not issued a post-peak declaration? (see 2009 response for more info)
  • Have they fixed the issue where people are flagging as positive for weeks after they’ve already cleared the virus?
  • Have they stopped running the cycle thresholds too high?
  • Has the virus been properly isolated and proven?

and there is so much more….



Strange Times Indeed

Burning Man to Require the Jab

Bacterial Pneumonia- the main culprit in 1918 SpanishFlu?– 2008 peer-reviewed paper  (co-authored by Dr.Fauci)

St. Vincent Volcano Eruption Disaster

Mexico Takes Steps Against Junk Food

Experimenting With Free Drug Handouts to Address Overdoses in BC– a very questionable strategy. Perhaps setting up Iboga clinics, offering more counseling, and addressing poverty might actually shift things….

Denmark Pawns Off Faulty Jabs Onto Poor Countries– nice charity!

UBI- Now Officially a Part of the Liberal platform in Canada

400 Years to Transform the Energy System At Current Rate- MIT study


SEASPIRACY Film Highlights Global Fishing Issues


Health Freedom For Humanity

Just highlighting a group that goes by the title of this post-Health Freedom for Humanity-they may be a good resource to connect to

MustSee-Emotional 3 Minute clip on the effect pandemic measures have had on school-age children in the US

In Galicia, Spain v.accines are being made compulsory with the threat of 3000-60,000 Euro fines for non-compliance– crazy! Another take on the same story at this link-EuroWeeklyNews

Italy makes coronajabs mandatory for health care workers

Sweden axes GillBates’ sun-dimming experiment-WakingTimes

Monoclonal antibody treatment able to save lives but is sitting idle due to the bias towards the jab campaign as the only solution

VaxPassports-“The end of human liberty in the West” says influential tech CEO

Meanwhile Florida’s governor takes a stand and bans vax passports

Lockdowns only worsen the health crisis– and draw it out longer

TECHNOLOGY-  You only really need an old computer-FYI

Revisiting 5G- Reasons to Avoid the Phones!

Amazon forces drivers to consent to biometric monitoring or be fired….!








Iceland Erupts!




















After 800 years Iceland volcano erupts

Lockdowns work? Mises Institute...but France went for their third one anyways using a variant as an excuse

French regulator only recommends AZ jab for over 55s due to blood clot risk in younger people

Financial Times rapping about a great financial reset

Tanzanian president Magufuli dies of the rona aged 61 – he was an avid skeptic and so on the one hand you have people branding him as a fool and the other hand you have people speculating he was taken out for not going along with the script…..He was famous for testing a piece of fruit and a goat positive with the PCR and thus concluded that the whole thing was a fraud. The country went on as normal shunning testing, jabs, etc. Interestingly it hasn’t been a disaster either……




Envisioning Real Health

A brief note on Geert, who I will refer to as GBV, who was profiled in my last post outlining an alarming scenario of ever increasing mutation by interfering in natural immunity with the jab campaign. Skepticism is warranted though regarding GBV. Clearly he is from the mainstream side of the issue and claims to be a concerned individual risking his rep to get out an urgent concept, and that may in fact be true….but perhaps he is feeding a piece of a larger picture to the alt-media for reasons we don’t know of. Also it may be that his real function was simply to spread more fear of viruses (or virii) in general, despite there being no real reason to be fearful of any virus.

This flies in the face of what we’ve been conditioned to believe through media and movies, but what if everything we’ve ever understood about virii was wrong? What if our collective health story is more holistic, multi-faceted, and nuanced than we’ve been led to believe? Perhaps the real causes of disease (chemicals, poor nutrition, stress, etc) are being ignored? Perhaps virii simply transfer genetic material, enabling adaptation and aren’t out to get us?

JonRappoport’s blog NoMoreFakeNews has been consistent for about a year that we’re being fed bogus stories, and his recent post shines a light there….

meanwhile Brazil is said to be the epicentre of corona death and woe in the world currently, overtaking the US for top spot

France finds new variant that evades “gold standard” tests– except there is no gold standard for testing- rtPCR is a deeply flawed amplification/manufacturing technique unfit for diagnosis

Poland entering lockdown- nvm that lockdowns do more harm than good

The new face of travel becomes clearer -NPR on EU rules

Bottom Line– At some point we need to move beyond these archaic systems of “health care” that see germ theory as the foundation and chemicals as the solution.

Envision what would the world be like if we actually fed people proper food in hospitals and provided healthy lighting and ventilation. Imagine a world in which instead of going to war with microorganisms we promoted healthy flora.

Imagine if we tackled the root causes of toxicity and pollution instead of endless money for cancer which never seems to decrease? And what if we valued time over money?

The future demands that we evolve, some are already doing it…how many are willing to lead by action ? The more you learn, the more you may see a predatory system, so I say to all who care- do you have the strength to transcend corruption and be part of something better?

Critical Considerations on The Great Experiment (aka “reality”)

  A well-credentialed fellow Mr. Geert VandenBossche, PhD in virology, (also provax), is warning of the strong probability of viral escape and resistance (from the globaljab campaign currently being waged) creating a much greater public health problem moving forward.

His explanation is detailed in this 11 page PDF here ⇒ Geert-vanden-Bossche-2 

He has risked his reputation and position to spread the word on this most important of issues. An interview with Del Bigtree can be found online as well, but don’t let that association prejudice you- again Geert is clearly a provax fellow.

His concerns deserve to be considered as he states that we may in fact be making things much worse and that it could lead to the worst case scenario of more lockdowns as a last resort after the resulting exponential increase of asymptomatic spread. This is critical info that needs to be shared and pondered by all who truly care about human health at large.

 Of course this may all be alarmism and nothing to be concerned over…or it could be the worst unfolding train wreck in history.

Mass V.accination Amidst A Pandemic Creates An Irrepressible Monster – The Automatic Earth- another piece highlighting Geert’s concerns is here

UPDATE- Contrarian view of Geert as trojanhorse disinfo here -OffGuardian

​​​​​​​”There’s No Town Left” – Ten Years Later, Fukushima’s Eerie Landscapes Resemble ‘Ghost Town’ | ZeroHedge

J&J JabTrials on Infants…..clown world!

Also 6 years ago, VICE ran an article on how scientists had created SARS2.0, but that’s seemingly just an irrelevant fact now as the WHO probe was effectively shut down…..

Smart Cities=Social Impact Prisons?

Taiwan’s chip production threatened by drought

Late February News

The Great Covid Class War- things look grim

Herd Immunity – Is it Even Possible?

No Jab, No Job at the Vatican– no surprise there

Norway trying drug-free treatment for those with psychosis

Thousands of turtles rescued in Texas

Tiny Homes for Homeless in St. Louis

Poles Flipping-41,000 years ago the Laschamp magnetic excursion

Israel leading the way in segregating people based on vax status

MIT article on Gene therapies as it relates to the new vaxplatform-mRNA

GillBates pushing the climatescare


Historical Perspective on Financial Inequality

What are our prospects for reducing inequality moving forward? What does history tell us?

Walter Scheidel, Stanford history professor, comes to the sobering conclusion that our prospects are poor, since historically only major violent upheavals have actually leveled the playing field. He writes about the 4 primary levelers- plague, war, revolution, and state collapse. Mr. Sheidel argues that these 4 main levelers have decreased in probability in the modern age.

Our current pandemic doesn’t even come close to a real plague scenario that would be effective at reducing inequality.  After the Black Plague, workers were able to command higher wages due to labour shortages.

Peaceful means of reducing inequality such as land reform, debt relief, education, democracy, etc have been ineffective according to the author. In most countries today inequality is on the rise and has been for more than a generation. In the ongoing tug-of-war between capital and labour, capital is winning. Major economic crises do level the playing field but only for a few years.

One criticism I would have is that he misses perhaps the greatest leveler of all- natural disasters, but data on this would be very difficult to estimate for obvious reasons.

Clealy we will need to unleash amazing feats of creativity, innovation, and wisdom in order to transcend our history on a collective level. It will take heroic efforts to avoid the further erosion of freedom and opportunities for the mass of humanity. Modern day slavery and a growing underclass are a persistent problem that technology alone has failed to fix.