Censorship/Digital Repression, Transcending the Press & Awakening

Increasing censorship and suppression lays the foundation for greater unrest since it blocks genuine debate.

“Valuing voice is an antidote to dehumanization.” David McAlvany

Social media is a lens through which people see what the majority sees. What if the majority is wrong? How many have the courage to stick out amongst the masses? To be able to stand for freedom, seek truth, and to consistently better oneself by seeing multiple perspectives (including possibilities against the consensus of the day) is a challenge.

Labels divide us and we’ve been divided far too long.

“Hastiness and superficiality are the psychic disease of the 20th century and more than anywhere else this disease is reflected in the press. Such as it is, however, the press has become the major power within the Western countries, more powerful than the legislative power, the executive, and the judiciary.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The real divide is not between left and right or black and white etc.- it’s between those who divide and exploit vs. everyone else. Unity is only found when the roots of corruption are confronted.

The future of tourism is increasingly Orwellian- CNN article highlights how Venice is turning to pervasive surveillance to “combat overtourism”

Technocratic Control- Risk Assessment Brain Scans

Big Tech and MS Collaborate on Health Passports

Children Rebel Against Masks on Flights – rules now more in line with WHO- old policy was anyone over the age of 2, now children from ages two to five don’t have to mask up if they’re unable to tolerate wearing one.

Free Speech’s Slippery Slope

Are Geophysics Dramatically Changing .COVID.19. Outcomes in Some Locations?– fascinating broader perspective

DC Theatre-and While You Were Distracted….

While the spectacle of civil unrest in the US played out, a friend of the US was busy bombing Syria yet that received very little coverage, perhaps because it was the 3rd attack in 10 days

Facial recognition recognizes people wearing masks, via your eyes- as technology marches on destroying privacy

Dominion machines hacked in real time Dec.30th during Senate hearing– this is in no way intended to endorse a side in the swamp that is US politics as it’s all really the 2 Party Illusion (aka Uniparty, aka Empire) but clearly there are serious trust issues that need to be addressed. Many other countries do not use machines at all and seem to do well with paper ballots

Bus companies in the US reduce services and raise rates affecting poorer folks the most

German MP suggests climate lockdowns.…see where this is going?

Are Lockdowns Designed to Last Forever?

Mortality rates (for this pandemic we are in) in elderly countries are around 1%, and around 0.1-0.5% in younger countries (as per CDC IFR)

Denmark announced a health passport scheme for air travellers, will this be a permanent thing and will people really accept it?

Top 20 ZeroHedge Articles of 2020

Britain’s new climate plan that could make millions of homes unsellable

World’s 2nd largest hydroxychloroquine factory destroyed in fire in Taiwan

elderly couple in Spain shares sad kiss

2 Nature Docs

Fantastic Fungi  is an great film featuring Paul Stamets, who is a mushroom genius. Interestingly there is mention in the film of the antiviral properties of mushrooms being explored for pandemic influenza. Also mushroom cultures can protect bees from colony collapse and recycle oil spills. Mushrooms also have great potential as therapeutic agents for those facing cancer and end of life care. For further info see a talk by Stamets titled

6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World





Another film that is very much worth seeing is My Octopus Teacher, the story of a researcher in South Africa who braves the cold of the ocean to dive every day and develop a relationship with an octopus. He discovers the creature’s intelligence, curiosity and playfulness throughout it’s life cycle.

Solstice Eve- CoronaSolution Discovered (and it’s not the jab)

Ivermectin (an anti-parasitic with anti-viral properties in use since 1981) is being used for treatment/prevention with great success in South America and a Dr. Pierre Kory made a presentation in the US Senate recently advocating for it’s use. It apparently is the best therapeutic that has been found so far (including HCQ) For more info see the PDF FLCCC-Ivermectin-in-the-prophylaxis-and-treatment-of-COVID Consult your doctor!

Vitamin D could prevent 90% of plague fatalities-PDF from German journal here Nutrients-12-03642

In other news…..

1.56 Billion masks likely to end up in oceans- OceansAsia report- shameful really….

WHO Subtly Acknowledges that PCR test False Positives Are An Issue

Trials are not designed to tell us if jabs will save lives- Diana Zuckerman PhD

Carbon taxes hurt farmers

US expanding facial recognition at land and air entry points- deems all non-citizens ‘aliens’

Chilean navy monitoring 400 Chinese fishing vessels

Flamethrower drone torches wasp nests in China- terrifying really...and a clear marker of disconnection from nature

Mass transit facing cuts across US– but aren’t we Building Back Better?

Mass extinctions on Earth happen in 27 million year cycles – no word on the 12,000 year pole shift cycle though….

Antitrust suit involving 48 states aims to break up Fakebook for monopolistic practices- very little coverage on US media, this was from France24

Back to the plague though, I’ve included the following graphic for people to be able to understand the difference between CFR and IFR (as it pertains to ronafatality rates) IFR is a more realistic and accurate measure and was reported to be 0.26% back in March by the CDC.

Random comment of the day!- “Lockdown is a word that’s used in prisons, when the inmates become too unruly.
Quarantine is something you do with people who are actually ill. We need a new word for this, besides “Insanity.”







The Big Picture Update- Dec. 2020

‘Few Things Matter More to Humans’: UN Report Says We Must Protect and Restore Biodiversity of World’s Soil

World food prices hit 6 year high, malnutrition has doubled due to corona restrictions, and the famine warned about earlier in April is still looming as this recent article highlights.

US corona figures-no evidence of excess deaths -John Hopkins Newsletter   ; LastAmericanVagabond covered this recently as well

Large and irreversible collapse of the Greenland icesheet- the doomsday the climate change folks keep harping on about? It’s 600 years off according this scientific paper. European Geosciences Union

Given that, it now starts to make sense when folks argue that these climate policies are not worth the high cost; it’s not because they don’t care about the environment, it’s because these are anti-human policies that endanger survival and well being. That being said, we absolutely have to protect our soil,  and clean our water & air as much as we can, but true environmentalism is much more than reductionist corporate carbontrading schemes. Furthermore, the climate debate and hysteria never seems to mention the unethical consequences of geoengineering

Many months ago, researchers were saying there were at least 30 strains of corona and yet we’re supposed to believe a jab will be 94% effective? Effective at what exactly? There is still zero evidence it will stop transmission. But not to worry…3 former US presidents are on board and will publicly take the jabs (which will be real I’m sure, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) These guys can be trusted right?

Indian farmers are protesting heavily against market reforms, some Canadians support them

Sweden still says no need for masks despite uptick in deaths (still half their peak in March/April)

US almost ready to decriminalize weed but Senate (Rs) will likely reject it

Polarisation and Diverging Realities- how we interpret information and who we trust defines everything we perceive

Surveillance on Steroids- Your Smartphone

Faulty Narratives, Testing Revisited, Freedom and Control…

Portuguese court rules that the PCR test is unreliable, thus quarantining people based on this test is unlawful

How accurate are covid.tests?- Decent discussion from Dr. Duckworth– he notes, “People can continue to be PCR positive for up to three months after infection, and PCR can detect traces of virus that are present in the airway but that are not sufficient to cause infection, and there is always a risk of laboratory contamination, so there is always a scope for false positives, and that rate could vary hugely between countries depending on disease prevalence, what CT is used, and how good the labs are.” , and a commenter notes, “So the bottom line is that the tests are useless IN REALITY. In a true pandemic the prevalence of disease quickly overruns the capacity to test and verify (testing lose its meaning) and later as the disease fades out the tests produce an overly large proportion of false positives. Yet we are using these tests and governments and media are shouting about “cases”, almost as if it’s a contest.”

VaxHype Fails to Mention Flawed Criteria, “Trials” Rigged For Success In addition, it’s not clear that any approved jab would stop transmission, indeed it seems they would only mask symptoms- not surprising given that that is the foundation of modern health care, which is increasingly looking fraudulent and co-opted

Cyber-war declared on independent media- the target is those who are hesitant about taking flujabs, because your government cares about you so much!

Global VaxPassport Scheme Threatens Free Movement- Dr. Mercola- Waking Times

Bolsonaro won’t take the jab nor will he make it mandatory

Qantas Airlines wants to require experimental flujabs to travel…..one word comes to mind – boycott

Coronavirus May Have Been Around A Year Earlier Than The Official Declaration

People Have Had Enough! – Rappaport

Interview of Dr. Stoyan Alexov, president of the Bulgarian Pathology Association, by Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, chair of the Centre of protection of citizens’ rights, regarding the European Society of Pathology, May 8, 2020, webinar on ‘Unprecedented Challenges in Pathology Departments Across Europe’——here is perhaps the most frightening aspect of all of this- by engaging in fraud and manipulation of narratives, propaganda, and allowing unreasonable hysteria in the media, trust in health authorities is plummeting which means that when a real monster of a virus comes along then we could be screwed as no one would trust the people who could truly help

Power Is An Illusion, Control Is A Facade- “Entire societies can be easily influenced when they suffer from delusions that the bad times will be fleeting, and that governments will keep them safe no matter what. It is a historically proven pattern that governments tend to CREATE problems instead of solving them, and this is because the power dynamic of government never changes.” The real power is behind the scenes…but also within us.

Sweden Revisited, Mutations, etc…

Sweden has seen an uptick in cases and deaths (still lower than much of Europe) recently and enacted more restrictions but they should be an absolute basketcase given that they’ve never gone above 20% mask wearing in their population even in the March/April peak and they had a much more relaxed set of restrictions from the start. Indeed as this YouGov graph shows, Nordic countries have been resistant to masks in general, in comparison to Europe.


One can  make the case for masks though with data in other comparisons- this is Vermont vs. South Dakota- NPR

This picture is from a school in Ontario- as if school wasn’t depressing enough for children…..

WHO shelves remdesivir- finds no benefit- it’s one of only 2 treatments that have been approved

And a critical question- as the virus mutates, can expensive vaccines really keep up?- JapanTimes

Asymptomatic carriers less of a concern than initially suggested – paper in the journal Nature

Building Back Better?.., Europe Locked Down, Great Barrington vs. John Snow….

England underestimates the costs of lockdown at it’s peril- Guardian– Mental illness a major concern

Lockdown Comparison Across Europe-BBC

Thousands Protest in Germany Over Shutdown

Professor Gupta Responds to Criticism Over Barrington Declaration

A Doc Describes His View of Herd Immunity and Why He Supports the John Snow Memorandum Instead

Pfizer’s new coronajab is a logistical nightmare- needs storage at -70 or 80 C, safety data still pending

UK, Holland, Germany, Israel, Russia and South Korea rush to contain Avian Flu outbreaks culling hundreds of thousands of birds- StrangeSounds

Manaus, Brazil reached herd immunity in months with little to no measures in place, limiting further spread pre-print study suggests

Election2020-Red vs. Blue-Bitter Pills Either Way- Mises Institute

US Flu Season has largely disappeared- see map above


Ireland LockedDown, South American political shifts, Are Second Wave Fears Real?

Tyranny Trial Run-6 week National Lockdown for Ireland, with estimated 150,000 job losses

Health Passport Ireland goes live.…color coded smartphone-based restrictions on movement just like the Chinese system….here is another take on it from Times of India -a Swiss-based nonprofit, the Commons Project and the World Economic Forum (yes the same WEF pushing for the “Great Reset”) has developed a digital health passport, which was tested recently on a flight from London to New Jersey on a trial basis.

The digital health passport, also called the CommonPass, allows travellers to offer certified COVID-19 test info to border officials upon arrival at any destination. The proposal of a digital passport is being presented to 37 governments (and more) in order to restart travel amid the pandemic. A false solution designed to keep money flowing not to promote human freedom….this is the new face of the emerging biosecurity paradigm which increases the cost of flying and adds another layer of hassle and bureaucracy forcing people to give DNA to board a plane. The question is will people opt out or go along?


78% Vote to Rewrite Chile’s dictatorship-era Constitution

Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Coming Into Effect Soon with 50th Ratification

Google to Monitor Warp-Speed Vax Recipients for 2 Years

Socialists retake Bolivia, Morales Cleared of Charges

Tobacco Plants Contribute Key Ingredient For COVID-19 Vaccine

Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer says Pandemic Appears to Be Over; Increased Testing with Unreliable PCR Tests is Creating the False 2nd Wave-take it with a grain of salt and do your own research, this article is included for the sake of airing an alternative view. Dr. Elke de Klerk from the Netherlands has also said something similar and was beaten down by the fact-checkers due to overstating the rate of false positives, but she may still have a point. The real test is the flu season peak (Dec-April) and whether the disproportionate response in various countries continues to starve the developing world…the truth is that to challenge the groupthink of the severity of the pandemic is to be attacked by the mob and ridiculed but the same mob who is quick to judge never considers the millions at risk of starvation or millions who’ve been dumped into the extreme poverty zone with worldwide shutdowns. What is the greater good?

How Likely Is A Second Wave?

Lingering Symptoms now called ‘Long Covid’, still unclear how many people have been affected

Catastrophic’: UN Labor Agency Warns Coronavirus Crisis Could Wipe Out 195 Million Full-Time Jobs Worldwide

meanwhile Amazon Wants People to Pay With Their Palm, claiming it’s more private than facial recognition, but sceptical minds remain unconvinced

Contact Tracing Data Being Sold- UK Times